So easily distracted

For the past week I have been trying to get myself motivated enough to tackle the long list of projects I’ve been avoiding. So, what do I do instead? Well, I decide to start a whole new project (a light crocheted blanket for my Mum’s birthday – in May) and that I need – repeat NEED – to study more drawing techniques in the hope of improving my design skills.

Cue crocheting like there is no tomorrow and late night researching on Pinterest, Deviant Art and Behance. With envious eyes I am so in awe at the creativity I constantly see on the internet, which leaves me often wondering if there is any space left for me? I can but dream and hope.

I am going to stop waffling and share some of the bits and bobs I have managed to get done – a very few bits as I’m still battling with my self esteem issues.

Below is just one of my granny squares; my mum actually chose the wool which is great – except they are different types (ply, weight?? I am not totally sure) so some of the squares are slightly off in size if I change up the colour order. When I consider that I am more confident in knitting, I  don’t actually think my crochet is too bad.

20170328_145108 FYI, I am using Jan Eaton’s ‘The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques’ as my guide. I find that I can follow the direction’s better and the images are pretty straightforward to follow. An excellent guide for beginners like me.   

As I said earlier, studying different techniques in drawing was done and even some inspiration was had – here’s a few of my attempts. I use graph paper because I like to stitch them up later.

I was inspired mostly by images I saw on Pinterest – a painting, a museum piece, some fashion photography and some Disney cartoons. I really do want to get them stitched up now, though, which is a problem as i  have a ton of other ideas to stitch first. As you can see I am very easily distracted.

Hopefully I will have some more to share with you soon – thank you for reading.


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