Its been a while…

Hello there! Its been quite some time since I last updated my crafting adventures and I can only apologise.

I do aspire to at least share my creations once a month from now on, though it would be great if I could share more often. At this moment in time, due to health issues, all I can say is that I have some difficulty (at times) getting enough motivation to do anything. It is at these times very difficult to concentrate and focus myself long enough to write anything coherent. Happily, however, I do (did) get some work done.

I managed to complete my Mum’s birthday blanket (below) even though I underestimated how much wool and time it would require. My Mum loved receiving it and gladly uses it daily (along with the beastly cats).


In between crocheting I’ve been practicing my drawing – its taking me forever to see any improvement but I am starting to like some of what I see. At the very least it isn’t as scary as when I started ;). Well, they do say practice makes perfect. Just no specifics on how much practice or time is required. I say this thankfully as it has sadly taken me a year to get to this level.

At current I still have a few works in progress – some embroidery and cross stitch pieces. Hopefully I’ll be able to share them with you soon.

Wishing you all well and thanking you in advance for reading my little ramblings.


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